Venture Studio

At Strategy Ventures (SV), we help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by providing strategic guidance, pathways to capital*, and access to a team of experts with expertise in areas such as product commercialisation, deep technology, legal marketing and finance.

For pre-seed ventures, SV steps in to help corporations incubate new ventures. Whether it’s ‘build the venture’, ‘roll out the venture’, or ‘spin out the new venture’, Strategy Ventures has the experience to plan, present, and execute a strategy.

SV works mostly with companies that focus on B2B enterprise customers and will help to guide metrics and deliver on enterprise growth metrics, toward a scalable capital event, often partnering working with and supporting the appropriate financial services company if fundraising is required.

Our Focus


SV has extensive experience, building and launching complex initiatives, including deep technology commercialisation, by focusing on the right balance of now products versus the product of tomorrow.

Industry Specific

We have deep domain expertise, with advisors from within telecom, robotics, and AI, including scientists, product development managers, engineers, and academics who lead initiatives within their fields, and have worked in Industry

Consistent Portfolio

Our first class of companies include robotics, AI, renewables, and scale renewables initiatives. Our second class of companies, expands on the first class, with a deeper dive on renewables, communications, robotics, and AI applications


While SV tailors to each companies' requirements differently, below are the services we generally provide.

Building the Deck

Through iteration and collaborative feedback and leveraging the startup ecosystem, we deploy a methodology of building out a venture process, toward an enterprise strategy. The end product is a professional and thorough deck to present to potential investors or partners.

Financial Chart 1 (3)


In the process of building a company deck, collaboratively, testing the model and engaging customers, we have been able to engage and grow customers, focus the company and engage capital discussion throughout the process.

Access to Our Network

We have a depth of knowledge within our network, including experts in technical, legal, finance, engineering, and software. As a result, we offer a strong network and engage the right team members on projects that require a proven skill set to ensure success.