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A Brisbane-based venture studio that focus on company design, venture, growth and innovation whilst building and executing strategy for deep tech, enterprise and impact ventures.

Case Studies

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Tethered Drone

Tethered Drone

A Defence Consulting Company saw an opportunity to apply military grade drone tether technology toward remote communication, robotics, and payload applications. The tethered drone and aerostat company that was borne from a blank sheet of paper, quickly developed and partnered with intellectual property to create a product that serves, mining, agriculture and defence.


IoT Tag

Chip Layer Software, Internet of Things

At the intersection of hardware and software, is the layer of software that is embedded on chips to make the smart, allowing for peer to peer, ultra-low power, affordable devices.


Dental Procurement Software

Dental Procurement Software

SV BNE worked with a SaaS software company on core strategy, financial modelling, iterative deck development and supported team additions.


GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping Systems

SV BNE is building core strategy and financial modelling for a digital spin-out, within Geographic Information Systems (GIS) sector.



SLAM LiDAR Technology

Brisbane Strategy Ventures (SV BNE) currently works with a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Light Radar (LiDAR) company on their commercialisation and go-to-market strategy for their world-leading mapping software.


Robotic Sensing

Robotic Sensing Technology, 3D Repair

Brisbane Strategy Ventures worked with a company that uses automated sensors to automate robotic welding, spraying and real-time repair of metal machinery in zero-entry environments.


Battery Manufacturer

Battery Manufacturer

Battery manufacturing technology that relied on patented mechanism for assembly and de-assembly, worked through a strategic pivot, toward a manufacturing and production strategy. In partnering with a key customer, the company began to build a business around a core product offering.


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More About Us

Whether you have an established business or simply a great idea, SV is here to assist you on your venture journey.


We are a small group, with core research, strategy, financial modelling, and deep technology expertise, through a global network of long standing relationships, with very specific technical expertise within software, hardware and venture. We have experience working through spin outs and spin ups, for corporations and institutions. We also have a strong global private equity back office team, which supports our scalable work by adding team members as needed.


We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including business and technical consulting, product design, development, prototyping, and launch. Our goal is to help start-ups rapidly develop their ideas and bring them to market. Our focus is B2B enterprise as a functional partner. Most of the companies that we work are sector specific technology commercialization: robotics, AI and applications, telecommunications, and related software initiatives.

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