Venture Funding

Venture funding provides start-ups with the capital necessary to quickly grow their business, enabling them to scale up operations, hire talented employees, and ultimately increase their chances of success.


While funding may not be the right fit for all companies, we do look to take stakes in companies that are Seed, ready for A. The focus of the Venture Studio is to try and build sustainable companies, that leverage defensible positions, through a singular focus. We work to commercialize products and companies toward that fundable Seed to A metric. As the environment for venture and the access to global marketplaces changes, there are many paths and methods of moving from Seed to Early Stage to Growth stages beyond traditional venture methods. In these instances, we may discourage the venture model for certain companies.

Capital Pathways

As companies look to raise capital, we may partner with an Australian Financial Services Licensed (AFSL holders or authorized representatives) to facilitate a formal capital raise for your business.

AFSL Partners

Our AFSL partners may be engaged by the company to conduct a formal raise. We can provide strategic partner opportunities while in the deck building process and often before the raise, should the company seek capital.


LP Investment

We may direct a US LP for funding towards a company when we believe that a set of metrics are clearly completed, we know that the company has a strong founding team and we can see there is a clear growth potential.


SV Brisbane is Not a Fund

As a venture studio, we focus on building new ventures for corporates and accelerating ventures through the process in such a way that they increase their success potential. Of the select companies that we work with, most are at a unique stage, from corporate venture project, to Seed, to A, to growth. We will take equity and work with a US limited partner on a particular company matter in a few select cases.


We endeavour to create supportive ecosystems and work with later stage companies that seek to expand markets.